Sardinia Green Island


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Sardinia Green Island is a company born from an initiative of the entrepreneur Alberto Scanu to invest and support in sustainable energy projects in Italy.

Sardinia Green Island is an accredited E.s.co. (according to "articolo 1 lettera v delibera 103/03" e s.m.i.) and focuses on the design, construction, manufacture, generation and use of renewable energy sources, while planning to become a business partner of other organizations choosing energy-efficiency as their mission.

Sardinia Green Island promotes and advocates for solar, wind, biomass and other clean, earth friendly and sustainable ways to produce energy by means of environmental friendly and efficient materials and practices.

Founded in Milan in January 2010, Sardinia Green Island has its main office in Cagliari – Italy.






  • 30.09.2014


    Sardinia Green Island undergone the authorization process for the realization of a Concentrated Solar Power project to be constructed in Uta, near Cagliari. The project includes unique and innovative features in its class and has been a case study for the engineers Alberto Columbu and Salvatore Meloni in the Engineering Faculty of Cagliari.

  • 03.06.2014


    Sardinia Green Island will participate in the "2nd Innovation Showroom" which will take place on June 27 and 28, 2014 in Cagliari. During this important event Sardinia Green Island will present its Solar Thermodinamic project to be realized in Vallermosa.

    Visit the website ot the event Sinnova 2014